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We have been working with local business owners, industry experts, professionals, individuals, couples and organizations offering client acquisition and retention strategies; since 2004.

If you do not know us; please take the opportunity to do your due diligence.

Go through our website so you can make an informed decision as to whether you would like to reach out to us ... have a chat and see if we can be of value to each other and the specific market you serve.

What can we do to help you get you, more leads, more presentations and close more deals?

Do you already have warm leads and you need appointment setters to work with them and book times with your sales teams?

About Teknacool Marketing

We are marketplace entrepreneurs who are always finding ways that will help others make the most of their natural gifts, their life's experiences, their training & development, their people skills and go after their full potential thus adding value to their businesses and effectively our economy.

Established in 2004, our company has utilized both traditional door-to-door face-to-face direct sales methods; phone calls and innovative internet strategies to acquire clients for the businesses we own, such as Zoom and Messenger etc.

Over the years, we have continuously developed and enhanced our services to cater to the specific needs of local business owners, industry experts, and professionals in various sectors.

Our expertise spans across mining, agriculture, industrial, government, commercial, and the domestic market.

We provide a wide range of services, including home improvements, renewable energy solutions, roof restoration, and gutter cleaning, among others. We have owned and operated our own businesses since 2004. (reflective kerb numbers, social media and web development, roller shutters, home security systems, lead generation and sales presentations)

Our commitment to delivering effective solutions and exceptional customer service has established us as a trusted partner in these industries.

man reading magazine
man reading magazine
Bright living room with modern inventory
Bright living room with modern inventory
New technologies.

We offer our clients a comprehensive solution to boost their business potential and drive exceptional results.

By harnessing the power of AI automation and learning software, we provide cutting-edge tools and strategies to generate more leads, increase sales opportunities, and ultimately close more deals.

Our expertise in reputation management ensures that our clients maintain a positive brand image and credibility in the market.

Through targeted prospecting, we identify and connect with potential customers who are most likely to convert into valuable sales.

With our innovative approach and advanced technologies, we empower our clients to achieve unprecedented growth and success in their respective industries.

Let us be your trusted partner in leveraging the power of AI and automation to drive your business forward.

man sits on bed
man sits on bed
a man sitting in a chair looking at his cell phone
a man sitting in a chair looking at his cell phone