Our Plan of Redemption: Our plans to travel across Australia towing a caravan behind a 4WD to visit our offices in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria were trashed when the pandemic hit in 2020. All of our offices “disappeared” pretty much overnight. It was a very discouraging, painful and stressful season with no end in sight.

Fortunately for us we could pivot some of our business operations and rebuild from there. Fast forward to 2024 we now have the opportunity to do big lap trips across Australia, part-time or full-time, sooner than later. We now have the option to choose how we do things.

Big Lap Trips - Enjoying Australia while doing business from our mobile home.

In order to custom build our rig we are selling one of our businesses. What that means is we can travel disguised as grey nomads and do what grey nomads do, either on the black top or off-grid.

The term “grey nomad” is common in Australia, meaning someone past retirement age, or more than 55 years old, embarking on long-term trips in specialized vehicles like motor homes, camper trailers, or caravans

Making things happen!!!

Work from anywhere, any time, on any device as long as we have access to the internet.

Having the means and opportunity to operate from our setup anywhere, anytime, on any device because we will have internet access is the game changer for us. It is now possible to run our digital and traditional home office because of the technological advancements in the Caravan and Camping Industry.

Our traditional home office means we can make the most of our door to door and direct marketing skills and offer our automated client acquisition and retention strategies, while traveling the big lap trips. Our prospects could either be locals or other travellers doing big lap trips just like us. Well actually they are teaching us. Friendship before function.

Our plan is to organise a tow vehicle and a caravan that has all of the technological advancement tools so we could operate our mobile home office where ever we find ourselves.

Quality, not quantity

We want to make sure that our mobile home and office on wheels we allow us to take on the challenges of living off the grid before needing to stock up so we can balance life doing our work and enjoying the grey nomad way of doing things..

Several factors we have found that contribute to the rapid growth of the Caravans Market:

  1. Portability and Mobility: The compact form factor of Caravans allows users to carry them effortlessly, enabling seamless productivity and connectivity anytime, anywhere.

  2. Versatility and Flexibility: 2-in-1 convertibles and detachable laptops offer the flexibility of using the device as both a laptop and a tablet, catering to various user preferences.

  3. Advancements in Technology: Continuous advancements in processor technology, battery life, and connectivity options have significantly enhanced the performance and efficiency of Caravans.

  4. Remote Work Culture: The global shift towards remote work has accelerated the demand for portable devices that support remote collaboration and productivity.

Write your text here...

This is where technological advancement rock!!!

What are EPIRB’s and PLB’s and which one is best suited for your needs? On this video we learn about how these units work, which unit is best suited for 4WD’ers and caravaners, how to purchase, register, maintain, test, activate and use them.

Rotating Tyres. Having the right tools make life a lot more exciting.

Having the right tools is only part of the equation. It really helps when you know what to do with the right tools. Thanks to Jonno.

A lot of our truck ideas have been inspired by Jonno and Angie of JNA Downunder …


We began our research in 2018.

We have done a lot of research beginning in 2018 then over the last few years we have gone to our “happy place” studying farm and 4WD / caravans as we plan and prepare for our big lap trips. We have come across so many videos over the years …

Here are some of our recent Youtube Channel Content Providers we would like to share here…

Doing our research in 2018 and sharing those whom we have followed for that necessary season.

Trip in a Van Legends Justin and Bec Lorimer.

In was in 2018 when we first came across Justin and Bec Lorrimer and their three children. In December 2015 they had packed up their home in Newcastle, sold and hit the road.

They quickly became the modern day Leyland Brothers. Their Youtube Channel, Website and Social Media has inspired 1,000’s to take up the lifestyle they are living … the good, the bad and the ugly. We certainly gleaned a lot from them.

At the time this video was posted they had been two years traveling across Australia.

Sparky's on the Loose

We thoroughly enjoyed following Amy, Curtis and their dog Rusty when they took the plunge to go and do life working their way around Australia. They are both electricians, have the fountain of youth so they worked their way around their Big Lap.

They were so funny at times and really inspired us to continue to do more research. Our desire to research because of our plans to tow a caravan around Australia - so we could visit the various offices we had interstate.

Expedition Australia.

Steve and Jen Baile with their 2 daughters have more than enough information for anyone feeling the urge to to do the Big Lap.

On whatever budget they may have.

If you’re planning to take a year or two off and drive around Australia then you may be wondering how much it’s going to cost – how much you’ll need to save. 

Check out Steve’s website …

Expedition Australia 

Fast forward to 2024 and our research has become really fine-tuned.

Covid19 changed everything. It came down to if you weren't able to work online you weren't working at all. Period. Those who assumed they had job security found out the hard way that they didn't. Pre-covid the world was already moving to working online anyway - It just so happened the pandemic, lock downs and all that added fuel to the fire.

Today those who dared to dream or had an "have a go ya mug" began to change their way at looking at and living life particularly the younger generation who in droves took that leap of faith and are now living the lifestyle of their choice.

Justin & Bec : After 7 years living in a caravan it's time for a change.

They have bought a house and at last their kids get to have a permanent school, school teacher and class mates ... so cool. Don't worry living in a caravan is in their DNA - Like everyone else they go when they can ... on trips.

Join Adrian Toft CEO of Zone RV as he shares with you their UPDATED walk through of the 19ft Peregrine off road caravan. The 2024 model features an innovative gasless design, making it perfect for couples who want to experience the ultimate adventure while traveling in comfort and style. This in-depth walk through guides you through the external features of the caravan, including its composite toolbox, thoughtfully-designed outdoor kitchen and optional electric awning. We then take a look at the inside of the Peregrine with its spacious design, ample storage and modern and comfortable features.

A look at a Gasless Zone RV Caravan

Meet Simon & Liz of the Lifestyle Pioneers

Another one of our favourite YouTubers Simon, Liz and their boys. Good value these young people.

The Lifestyle Pioneers are Simon and Liz Bailey, who, along with their two young sons, traverse Australia in their Landcruiser 76 & Titanium Caravan, sharing their adventures and travelling advice online. Documenting their adventures in weekly half-hour videos every Sunday, the travelling family are exploring all corners of Australia whilst offering valuable advice to inspire, educate and equip adventure-minded people on off-grid and off-road caravan living. Going above and beyond the offering of other content creators, The Lifestyle Pioneers actively coaches and supports viewers to help make an adventure lifestyle a practical reality. Travelling full-time with young children, Liz and Simon balance their two sons’ educational needs whilst providing unique experiences fostering a love for the Australian environment and quality family time. With over two years and 70,000km of off-grid caravan travel already under their belts, The Lifestyle Pioneers are only getting started.

Why Apps are great for those on the go!!!

Svedos Trippin – We love this young family. Brett and Melissa Svedos. They are so authentic, full of gut and grit with that “have a go ya mug attitude.” What impresses us about them is they are SMART people. You have to be to work as a team like they do.

Meet Nick & Eleyna -We just love this family.

We love this family. They are Elnick Adventures, who are a young family of five travelling Australia Full-time . Nick is a builder, Elenya is a nurse, Lennox is 3 and full of energy, Finley is 1 and loves to eat anything, and Ollie is 8 months old.

Just as well Elenya is a nurse because Nick really cracks us up and before we found out their names we used to call them. “You know that fella that always gets himself in trouble.” hahahahah

It was a real honour to meet Nick & Eleyna who were without their kids because they would easily get bored and freak out with so many strangers coming up to them.

Five Down Under are a family of five, on the road and loving life!! Tj, Leah, Parker, Quinn and Freddie. We watch them navigate around Australia on this crazy adventure. They show us around all the hot spots and even places we might not expect them to go. Off road, tip of the Cape, on the Gibb! Where ever their semi off road caravan will take them.

Come and join their family, they upload videos every week, that they hope we will enjoy!

Five Down Under are a family we are certain we will meet on our travels. The things is we know more about them than they know about us.

Hopefully they will show us around all the hot spots and even places we might not expect them to go. Off road, tip of the Cape, on the Gibb! Where ever their semi off road caravan will take them.

Gee we are really looking forward to this way of living.

Now or Never Now this family are so “with it.” They are Alex and Erin, together with their 2 kids and 2 dogs are living the caravan lifestyle, exploring new and exciting places off the beaten track. They like to get off grid in their newly renovated 2008 Retreat Daydream and show us, that we don’t need the biggest, flashest gear to get out and explore!

Their channel also features 4x4ing, fishing, camp cooking, and tips and tricks to caravan living easier! It’s a lot of fun watching these guys on their adventure and some of the innovative ideas they come up with, like giving money away.

Now or Never This week they revealed exactly how much they raised at Camp for a Cure for Love your Sister which will go directly to cancer research!

They say "Thank you to everyone who came, helped and donated to make it such a successful event!"

They then returned to their trip to the Mackay/ Whitsunday region where we explore some amazing spots!

We really love couples like Alex & Erin ... Watch their videos and you will fall in love with them too.

They are a match made in heaven.

Join Adrian Toft, the CEO of ZONE RV, as he takes you on a tour of a luxurious and highly specified off-road caravan for Casey Stoner. Casey had a successful career in MotoGP, winning two MotoGP World Championships and 45 Grand Prix victories, putting him in the all-time top ten motorcycle GP winners. Casey and his family have opted for the 21ft Sojourn family layout, perfect for families of up to 5 members. With generous bunks and a spacious interior living area, this family off-road caravan is designed to provide a premium experience wherever your adventures take you! Watch our latest video for a detailed walk-through of our 21ft Sojourn off-road caravan, highly specified and built with a family in mind.

Meet Paul, Katie and their son Jasper

Introducing our New ZONE RV Sojourn Summit. Our Sojourn is a 21ft off-road caravan that features New designs, materials & technologies to make our caravans stronger, lighter & safer!

ZONE RV Brand Ambassadors, Paul & Katie from The Feel Good Family walk you through our New Sojourn Summit, revealing the designs and features in our next generation of off-road caravans. This industry leading carbon fibre body design is Australia's first! To complement, we have fitted our Summit with state-of-the-art technology to make this caravan the ultimate off-road vehicle!

How to MAKE MONEY while Traveling Australia

  • Make a Plan and Have a Deadline

  • Budget & Know your Circumstances

  • Start an Online Business or Work Remotely

  • Try a Mobile Business while Traveling

  • Think outside of the Box

  • Travel & Work Split

  • Get Yourself a RSA Certificate

  • Multiple Streams of Income Affiliate Marketing

To name a few ideas Paul & Katie covered...

When we watched this video the main things that stood out the most. They actually showed us what happened. This is so real and raw which shows such authenticity.

When someone on the road needs help people are quick to respond.

Paul, Katie and Jasper got through this once they got themselves settled. Beautiful.

Meet the Cartwrights ...

New Beginnings for the Cartwright Family

Let's join the Cartwright see OUR NEW VAN for the first time!!!! ..but not before they bring us up to speed on their life lately and crossing the Nullarbor with their newborn (THREE DAYS OLD!)

This episode is centred around what life has thrown them in the past eight weeks..and sets the stage for what's to come, in...their NEW BEGINNINGS Series 4 -

New Beginnings Ep 2 - THEIR NEW VAN!! - Nullabor with a Newborn -

Stranded on the Bins Track - Bogged in our Isuzu NPS 4x4 How did we get into this pickle?!! More importantly..how did we get out??! TWELVE hours digging out of a bog hole on the Binns Track..come along with us as we tackle the hardest thing we’ve had to overcome since living on the road full-time. Get your gumboots on..this one’s gonna be muddy!!

What about sharing about the Grey Nomads people your age group Chris and Rowena?

We have left the best for the last. These are those just like us living life and our own terms and doing what "Grey Nomads" do.

The term “grey nomad” is common in Australia, meaning someone past retirement age, or more than 55 years old, embarking on long-term trips in specialized vehicles like motor homes, camper trailers, or caravans.


Paul & Wenda of Beyond the Grey Oz

Paul & Wenda show us how they juggle their nomadic lifestyle and desire for adventure with their need to spend time with their family, who are on the other side of the country.

They have been in the Darwin region for over four months and are about to head out to Nhulunbuy in Arnhem Land but first they flew to the Gold Coast and then down to Melbourne for some much-needed family time. They also prepared the van for our Arnhem Land adventure!

What that means for us is what we can do when we miss family time where ever we are.

Travel Burnout can hit at any time. After almost four years of full time travel Paul & Wenda have found that when you have been on the go for extended periods and living out of your comfort zone for a time it eventually catches up with you.

And this affects the whole traveling experience putting you at risk of Travel Burnout Come and for Rowena and I this video has given us some really great ideas. What they we share are some of the things we think are a great idea is to regroup and reset our life of travel to avoid Travel Burnout.

Love it!!!

We are really excited about meeting Paul and Wenda because we resonate with they way they think.

In this video they purchased a full annex for the van! Was it worth it? Is it a hassle putting it up? Is there any value in having it? They share with us their experience of purchasing and using a full annex. Follow up: Here is a link to the manufacturer http://sarmajor.com.au/

They have been in touch with Sar Major and they said if you mention Beyond The Grey OZ they will through in something a little extra ;-)

Grahm Belby - Simple solutions to annoying problems.

As retired Electrical Contractors, Graham & Ann have travelled across our great country, capturing their trips on film and creating short movies to share with others that enjoy exploring.

I love it when Graham shares simple solutions to what could be disastrous annoying things that with a little bit of patience and know how, plus the right tools ... and a can do attitude it makes life so much more enjoyable.

Time to do something about those steps. While I enjoyed and appreciated to solution here. I have a secret remedy for our van....

Zone RV - Problems and Solutions Episode 2

Graham takes a look at the solutions to few problems in their caravan. Gas alarm with nuisance tripping, adding a handle to the gas ventilation vents, ventilation improvements for water and room heating units, some more items to making life easy on the road...

Zone RV Problems and solutions Episode 3

Some days the wheels just fall off, then you loose power and finally they bid a sad goodbye to our long term travel buddy. Join for this special episode.